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Entry #2

Using Technology to Make Music

2013-04-04 09:08:20 by foreversonic

One thing I'm known for by friends of mine is that I don't always look to conventional instruments to make music.

While I'm a "classically trained" (?) trombone player, I enjoy making music out of things that you may not have seen or may feel is a bit weird.

It baffles some people how I play tunes using my old iPhone, something which I've uploaded to YouTube:

Another instrument that you may not have heard of is the theremin. I bought one of these because I was fascinated at how other people play them and wanted to try it for myself. A theremin is probably the only instrument out there that is played without touching it. It uses magnetic disturbance (capacitance) to produce the sound.

I've recently discovered that my Etherwave Standard is double non-linear, meaning that the distance between each note varies and the distance between the octaves also vary - meaning more chance for wrong notes! :P

Here's my attempt at playing My Destiny from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006):


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2013-04-04 10:54:15

While I applaud you for looking to be different musically, I'm quiet against making music with phones etc.
The process of music gets dumbed down daily and any creative input in most programmes are being removed for simpler "drag drop loops" here to appeal to the masses. iPhone apps are a big thing in this, though its fantastic making music is becoming more accessible to others who might not have traditionally explored that route, its being incredibly dumbed down and I don't like seeing that :(


2013-04-04 11:12:52

Nice! :) I've always been fascinated by obscure instruments. Not playing them myself, but looking at other people play them (though if I could get my hands on em I definitely would play), like the monster tubulum I just discovered in this: